Determine The Cause

There are many causes for erectile dysfunction (ED), and Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy (EDSWT) can only help those with vascular-related ED (poor blood supply to the penis). This questionnaire helps you to figure out whether you are likely to have 
  1. Vascular related ED (poor blood supply)
  2. Non-vascular related ED 
  3. Combination of vascular and non-vascular related ED


  1. Your erection problem is likely vascular related if you have the following conditions, you can tick more than one

      High Blood pressure
      High cholesterol
      Heart disease
      Heart attack
      Clogged blood vessels

  2. Your erection problem is likely non-vascular related if you have the following conditions, you can tick more than one

    Mental related

      In the past 2 weeks, you have been feeling down, depressed or hopeless
      In the past 2 weeks, you have little interest or pleasure in doing things
      Feeling anxious all the time or unexpectedly
      Erection problem occurs right after an incident or stressful event
      Erection problem occurs right after marital or relationship conflict or discordance
      Erection problem occurs unexpectedly
      Lack of desire to have sex

    Hormone related

      Lack of desire for sex
      Difficult to achieve orgasm during sex
      Loss of facial or body hair
      Muscle weakness over the arms & legs
      Weakening of bone (osteoporosis)
       Feeling tired or sluggish all the time despite getting enough sleep
      Feeling very moody or emotional lately
      Feeling anxious or restless unexpectedly
      Losing or gaining weight unexpectedly
      Feel that your heart is pounding frequently
      Sweat more than usual

    Prostate related

      Difficulty starting urination
      Weak urine stream
      Dribbling more than usual at the end of urination
      Having urge for urination very frequently
      Having sensation that unable to empty your bladder completely
      Told to have enlarged prostate
      Told to have prostate cancer

    Nerve related

      Erection problem occurs after a stroke
      Erection problem occurs after back injury or trauma
      Erection problem occurs after brain surgery
      Erection problem occurs after spinal cord damage
      Erection problem occurs after spine surgery
      Erection problem occurs after prostate surgery
      Erection problem occurs after surgery near the buttock
      Told to have Parkinson's disease
      Told to have brain cancer
      Told to have disease related to nerve or brain

  3. Side effect of certain medications or substances could cause erection problem in some patients. Do you realize that your erection problem occurs within a few weeks after taking the following medications or substances?

      Medication for treating depression
      Medication for treating high blood pressure
      Medication for treating enlarged prostate
      Medication for treating allergy
      Medication for treating high cholesterol
      Drinking excessive alcohol frequently

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